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Life Is What You Make It

Updated: Feb 1

One’s worth is not always measured through honors, titles, and awards. On the contrary, it is the impact that you create to transform people’s lives that make a difference.

Such dictum is what has guided Gabriel Solana as he traverses his journey in the professional world after graduating with the degree, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Financial Management at Foundation University in June 2023.

As one of the pioneering graduates of the Senior High School Department of Foundation Preparatory Academy (FPA), he looks back with utmost gratitude at how his teachers have instilled in him the traits of confidence and leadership, which have proved very useful in the endeavors he is involved in today.

“At the FPA, my histrionic skills were developed as I was part of the Theater Arts Club in 2016 and as we competed in the Buglasan Festival of Festivals of Negros Oriental,” Solana explained.

He added that as a leader, one should also be a team player. “You can be an effective leader if you listen to your team and if you accept that others can also guide you,” remarked Solana.

In particular, his skills in oral communication were honed largely through his involvement in several public speaking activities at the FPA, which he was able to apply anew when he became governor of the Foundation University College of Business Administration Student Government in 2021-2022.

Solana deems it fit to pay back to his alma mater by joining recruitment campaigns and making a personal pitch of the “quality of education that Foundation University offers.” Through his degree program, he has been enticed to put up his own business soon, examining the best investments there are and “opening my mind to different perspectives in a business engagement.”

Since his years at the FPA up until his college education, he credits the university to widening his horizons in the myriad of events and life-changing experiences he has undergone.

“In many ways, Foundation University has allowed me ‘time to shine.’ There were many opportunities for us, students; all that we needed to do was to grab them and make the most of them,” Solana shared.

Perseverance, dedication, and experiential learning are his takeaways from his FPA basic education. On the other hand, creativity and being innovative are what he applies in his work place, which he learned specifically from doing his feasibility study of an edible spoon and fork made of cassava starch as an alternative to wheat which is used in India.

As a University President’s Awardee in 2020 and a Dean’s Honor Awardee in 2021-2022, Solana was likewise a Leadership Awardee and was named Most Outstanding Student in 2023. His certifications include a Certified Bookkeeper II from the Technical Skills and Development Authority (TESDA) and a Certified Data Science Associate from East West and DAcademy. He pursues his advocacy in zero waste management as a member of the board of directors of Zero Waste Youth Negros Oriental since 2020.

Asked if he wishes to try his luck outside the country, Solana stated firmly: “I can consider going abroad, perhaps, for a vacation, but not to work there. My present job compensates well and I am able to provide for my family, returning their favor.”

Solana is currently part of the Lead Generation and Social Media Team of Houston Properties Team where he creates and markets material content, social media content, and writes content that drives conversions based on the goals of the organization. (Cecile M. Genove)


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