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Foundation University offers several fields of study for its undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate students.  


Growth and adaptation are the name of the game for yielding healthy crops and livestock. Study the latest techniques to feed and nurture the world.

Small Green Plants


Not only do you get to take exciting classes on design but you get to build actual structures too. FU gets you industry ready for the world of architecture. 

Renovation Equipment

Arts & Sciences

FU offers a wide variety of courses that will expand your knowledge and perspective. Whether it's biology or philosophy or political science, we'll take your interests to the next level.

Financial Report

Business Administration

From accounting to finance to entrepreneurship, you'll master the skills you need to run a business. Being a success means being able to give it everything you've got.


FU offers life-changing opportunities that will take you from cadet to successful personnel by the time you're prepared to serve your country. 

Ready for Parade

 Fine Arts

Today's greatest asset in the job market is creativity, whether you're sculpting a statue or filming for a feature, FU will sharpen your skills unlike any other.

Focusing at Work

Computer Studies

Technology is advancing faster than ever before. We'll teach you how to navigate crucial software and programming methods to stay ahead of the game.

Desk and Chair


If you love learning new things and sharing what you know, then you're well on the way to becoming an awesome teacher. We'll prepare you for your own classroom.

Industrial Engineering

If you're a big picture thinker that loves to solve problems, then get ready to enhance your critical thinking skills as an industrial engineer.

Marine Engineer

Hospitality Management

Master a wide variety of skills so you can handle the beautiful diversity behind the hospitality industry. From cooking to caring, you'll be able to manage any situation.

Concierge Desk


Nurses are always in high demand and it's considered one of the noblest professions a person can pursue. If you have a passion for taking care of others, become a nurse today!

Judge and Gavel

Law & Jurisprudence

With learning how to wield the law comes a lot of responsibility in judgment and decision-making. FU gets you ready for the bar and a lifetime commitment of working with the law.

Students Studying in Coffee Shop


Take your academic career to the next level of expertise by earning a Masters or PhD.

Pile of Books


FU offers exceptional postgraduate studies to further develop your research skills.

Working from a Coffee Shop


Get the training you need so you begin your career yesterday.

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