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Lead the Best
Student Life at

Beginning your university journey can be a difficult transition and completing it is even harder.


But it's worth it.


Nothing in life worth having comes easy but gaining an education will give you the tools you need to succeed through every challenge. Our united Student Life Community will make you feel immediately welcome through their unwavering support, warm smiles, and friendly attitude. 

Becoming a Foundationite means joining a network you can depend on for life. 




What We Do:

FU Student Life aims to help students maximize their self-realization through community volunteering, environmental protection and preservation, and sound health in both mind and body to become a proactive member of community organization. 

We complement the academic studies of students by providing programs and services anchored in FU's vision of "a dynamic, progressive environment that cultivates learning, generates creative ideas, responds to societal needs, and offers opportunity for all." 

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PUPA is our Program on Uncompromising Personalized Attention that serves as a driving force in the holistic development of FU student life. 

Founded in 1993 by President Leandro Sinco, he wanted to make sure each student felt at home in this family-founded university. Every member of FU faculty is dedicated to helping students achieve their greatest potential. If a student struggles with subject material, our professors band together to go the extra mile for educational support. We don't want anyone to fear challenging class material or falling behind in a course. Fear holds you back - FU puts you ahead. 

PUPA looks at the totality of a student's well-being. This means FU looks beyond academic performance. We understand students have a life outside of the university and sometimes this may affect their studies, whether it's a family matter, a relationship issue, etc. The Guidance Center at FU provides support whenever a student needs it. Or even when they don't - it's always readily available. 

FU also makes sure its faculty stays up to date on the latest on learner psychology to guarantee students absorb material in the best way that suits them (i.e. visual learners, kinesthetic learners, etc.). You can depend on PUPA to help you get through any tough situation that arises during your educational journey. 

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