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College of Nursing



Dean:  Jethri Ken Carlo Catalan

Phone: +63-936-326-5709


We all know how tumultuous a year 2020 was for everyone, but it was especially hard on those in the medical profession. The World Health Organization (WHO) bestowed 2020 the “Year of the Nurse and Midwife” to honor the dedication and support nurses and midwives provided for Covid-19 patients around the world. Many of those nurses are Filipino; the Philippines is the largest supplier of nurses for the globe. According to an international consensus, nursing is considered to be one of the most honest and ethical of career choices a person can make because at the heart of the profession, it’s about helping others. From helping patients to doctors, nurses make up the backbone in the world of medicine.

Foundation University has an exceptional nursing program that recently had a passing rate of 100% for its students in 2021. That means every single student made it – no one failed – on their very first attempt! The professors in the College of Nursing are unequivocally devoted to making sure each aspiring nurse becomes one, from getting them the best clinical experience to providing engaging lectures, you can’t go wrong with picking FU for nursing. The College of Nursing has built the strongest of foundations for their rising medical stars. Now is especially the time to join because both the Philippines and the world need nurses more than ever.


How much autonomy do nurses get in the field?

-Nurses actually have a great deal of autonomy in their field of professional duties, far more than what is portrayed in the media and entertainment industries. Nurses and physicians play different roles in collaborating with the improvement of a client's health, meaning they also have different areas of knowledge and performance. In most settings, nurses are hired, fired, and managed by other nurses. 

What does FU do to prepare its nursing students for real world medical situations? 

-Nursing students at FU can choose from three different hospitals in Dumaguete City to complete their clinical experience, which exposes them to countless cases that require application of their learned knowledge. Students get to see what it's like to work with physicians, other nurses as well as the ever-changing dynamics of clients with conditions. By the time nursing students graduate, they are more than prepared to take on a hospital position, whether that's here in Dumaguete or abroad. 

Am I eligible to work abroad as a nurse? 

-FU nursing students are eligible to work abroad assuming they pass their nursing license exams and the requirements for whichever country they are applying for. It's important to note that each country has different protocols for hiring nurses from abroad, including an intensive exam to prove one's qualifications according to their standards. The Philippines is the largest exporter of nurses in the world and FU adds to that number.

What skills and qualities should a nursing student have? 

-A successful nursing student is one that is sincerely passionate about the field because it's a big investment of time and effort. Nursing demands long hours of reading, knowledge retention, and discipline. Students quickly learn how to become meticulous with their workload. It's also important for students to advance their communication skills as well as compassion for others because successful nurses show a high capacity for empathy and caring. 

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