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College of Law & Jurisprudence

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Dean: Jesus Ramon Quevenco

Phone: +63-906-939-7103


Law school is the best way to become familiar with our legal systems, whether you're interested in becoming a lawyer or not. A degree in law is incredibly flexible and useful because many career paths intertwine with legality, such as the field of politics. At FU, our curriculum prepares students through the Socratic method, a common practice, that quickly sharpens a student's analytical skills on the fly. We offer a wide variety of courses that will get you to "think like a lawyer" in the most savvy of ways by adopting persuasive speaking and critical thinking. Become an expert on how to anticipate the consequences of a statement and win legal battles by knowing the ins and outs of legal principles. 

At Foundation University, we have many options for you to choose from for your area of focus, such as criminal or commercial. There are countless opportunities to gain experience as you study for three years to earn your J.D., a degree that can you take anywhere in the Philippines. Master the law at FU. 


How should I prepare for the College of Law and Jurisprudence at FU? 

-We highly recommend that you get comfortable with reading a lot because that is what you will spend the majority of your time on. It's important for incoming law students to have already performed well academically because law school is far more difficult. 

What advice would you give a law student at FU?

-Evaluate what you want from studying law because it is highly demanding - make sure this is something you really want to do. We'll take care of the rest at FU by providing you with a strong support system, fantastic courses, and invaluable experience to get you ready for judge and jury. 


What are the core values of the College of Law and Jurisprudence at FU?

-We emphasize Foundation University's core values of excellence, integrity, and volunteerism to elevate the community. We focus on molding our law students into better citizens that can use the power of the law to better the lives of everyone.

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