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School of Industrial Engineering & Technology

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Dean: Marlon Tanilon

Phone: +63-906-939-7101


Are you a big picture thinker? Do you like to save time? Does the idea of designing for efficiency excite you? Then you might just have the mind of an industrial engineer. Foundation University is the only university in Negros Oriental to offer an education in industrial engineering, which is rife with opportunities both around the nation and the world. In this field, you get to engineer solutions to improve integrated systems, i.e. creating methods to speed up and save material for multiple sectors, including automobiles, electronics, and manufacturing lines. We have the latest software for you to gain hands on experience in as well as collaborations around the island to get you industry ready long before graduation! The Kawayan Collective in Dauin, the Southern Negros Agri-Fisheries Cooperative in Siaton, Polar Bear Dressing Plant in San Jose, and so much more! Learn how to think outside the box, both as an invaluable team member and also flying solo. Industrial engineers are bred for the purpose of excellence in everything that they do, whether it’s grasping the true value of time or improving an entire system, Foundation University’s School of Industrial Engineering hones the excellence in you. Industrial engineers are highly sought after so there are countless opportunities just waiting for you to seize. See what we have to offer and what skills you’ll master at FU.


What soft skills are beneficial for an industrial engineer? 

-Essential soft skills for an industrial engineer include problem solving and critical thinking capabilities because they must be able to improve systems for the better. With this comes the ability to think ahead, provide quality management, and incessantly plan. Industrial Engineers develop both a meticulous eye to make small adjustments as well as big picture thinking to take in the system as a whole. 

What are the core values for the School of Industrial Engineering at FU?

-Our core values consist of fostering excellent work, being a team player, and volunteering for the community whenever you can. We want the industrial engineers we cultivate to always provide the very best for their organizations with effective communication. It's important to learn how to not only work well with others in this field but become as dependable as possible. And at the heart of any successful organization, be it community, non-profit, etc., is the invaluable effort of putting in our time to make it better. 

What's the career outlook for an industrial engineer? 

-Industrial engineers are currently in high demand since they help organizations and companies improve their efficiency, cut back costs, create products and services people are in need of, minimize pollution. Whether you're in Cebu or Australia, FU has sent its IE graduates all over the world to build successful careers.

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