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SIET Alumni Pay it Forward

A certain intangible bond exists between one’s alma mater and her alumni. It may be quite intricate and perplexing, but the fact remains that what is incomprehensible can only be rationalized by those who have shared memorable experiences while studying to earn a college diploma.

Such is the sentiment shared among the alumni of Foundation University’s School of Industrial Engineering and Technology (SIET) who have made a beeline trooping back to their alma mater because of its Balik-IE Alumni Program.

“The school conceptualized the program to allow our alumni the opportunity to speak to our students,” shared Engr. Marlon Tanilon, dean of the SIET, and himself an alumnus. He added the sharing among alumni can enrich students’ experiences, especially as they are encouraged to pursue the IE program.

What sets apart the Balik-IE Alumni Program is the all-out involvement of the students themselves in all aspects of the preparation – from organizing and managing the event down to its nitty-gritty details starting from pre-planning up to after-care and evaluation. “All in all, it is a student-led endeavor,” Engr. Tanilon clarified.

Incorporated as part of the IE curriculum, the program is an elective under a course description, Seminars and Workshops/Trainings. The objective is to bridge the gap between academe and industry whereby alumni can share some trends that may be relevant today as students apply theories they learn from the classroom into the industry.

“For example, students may ask about the impact of the time-motion theory in the industry,” explained Engr. Tanilon. The choice of alumni speakers is diverse, according to Tanilon, as they come from specific fields and career opportunities are likewise varied, like in manufacturing, processing, and retail.

The program was initiated long before the pandemic and through the years, the following well-placed alumni have been invited to speak, among others, Dorcas Quimada Ragudo, Jethro Torres Genel, Rodelle Dacumos, Rey Anthony Quisel, Jay William Jo, Roger Ramirez Santa Ana, Edmar Canete Beatingo, Rudeliza Diaz Noyer, and Gregory Nuega.

Paying back and paying forward is certainly not new to these loyal Foundationites as can be gleaned from their concern over the welfare of their beloved alma mater. May the SIET tribe increase! (Cecile M. Genove)


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