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FPA Science Wing: True Mark of Resilience

Updated: Jun 4

Circumstances are, more often than not, unpredictable. And, unless things go exactly as planned, there are situations that may either proceed favorably or otherwise. All things being equal, though, it is one’s attitude that will spell the difference.

For Foundation Preparatory Academy (FPA), while plans were in place with some materializing into reality, the two and a half years of the scourge of a pandemic through the coronavirus disease (CoViD-19) proved to be an obstacle. But, through sheer grit and determination, the obstacles became opportunities and even created endless possibilities.

Aljun Selorio, current FPA School Administrator and Senior High School principal, remembers vividly: “I can vividly recall the then Balay sa Alumni in this precise location. It was in 2016 when I joined the teaching force of Foundation Preparatory Academy. Months after, the Science Wing started to sprout. When the merciless CoViD-19 stifled all of us, everything stopped, this promising area was soundless. It prompted us to re-imagine education. I was even skeptical about the realization of this building, perhaps, until in-person classes are permitted and the Science Wing would begin to expand.”

True enough, with the concerted effort of each member of the Foundation University community, the institution bounced back on its feet, stronger and more determined than ever to pick up from where it had left off.

Thus, after some time of pining over the unfinished ongoing-forever structure beside the FPA, finally, on March 18, 2024, the Science Wing was inaugurated in the presence of faculty, staff, students, including university administration and guests from the city and provincial government.

It is the collective commitment of the FPA to consistently provide quality education as it instills pride among its students and the rest of the members of the academic community.

According to Selorio, the Science Wing will serve as the hub for diverse learners as FPA strongly advocates for intensified Science-Technology-Mathematics (STEM) education that fosters creativity and innovation in the learning community. He acknowledged the university administration’s foresight and innovative thinking that continually “inspires us to do better and create positive change.”

As Arch. Victor Vicente “Dean” G. Sinco, university president, informed the local media who were present in the twin-bill ceremony (after the groundbreaking of the new College of Nursing extension building), “All four floors are almost completely done and can now be used immediately. As you may have observed, this building and the rest of our buildings both here at the North Campus and the Main Campus have an identical design. A transparency of forms and shapes allows for air to freely flow and gives the users an unobstructed view of the surrounding areas. Note our design items such as the grills, radiating brick, butterfly forms, and the like. And, we used faux copper paint an polycarbonate roofing.”

It is a new face of learning at the North Campus that prepares the 21st century learners in the so-called VUCA world. (Cecile M. Genove)


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