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Finalist Hersley Casero and his "House on the Beach"

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Hersley Casero. Photographer, visual artist, you name it, Casero continues to be on our radar when it comes to the arts. And for good reason, his pieces never cease to amaze audiences far and wide. Casero’s murals can be found throughout Negros Oriental and his paintings sell before they’re even on display for public viewings. He’s everything you want in an artist, from his original style to his love for trying to new things to his friendly demeanor, Casero makes us all proud at Foundation University. In April, he was awarded second place at the Italian Street Photo Festival and today, we are pleased to announce Casero became a finalist in the prestigious Street Photography International Awards.

Street Photography International began in 2015 as a means to share the world around us in a candid fashion – the beauty behind our everyday lives around the world. It’s no wonder Casero placed in the top 15 submissions, his dedication and determination go unprecedented. The residents of Dumaguete City see the photographer on a daily basis snapping up shots, waiting hours for the right timing, and looking at life from ever-changing angles. Lighting, placement, and location are everything. Casero’s photo entitled “The House on the Beach” was taken in July of 2021 along Looc Beach in Dumaguete City. He is the first Filipino to place, causing more representative ripples of the Philippines in the photography world. All finalists receive a RICOH GR III x Urban Edition that is a special limited kit. Professional photographers have chosen it as the best camera for street photography.

"This particular photograph was actually weeks in the making: I had spotted the location and figured out the timing for the best light in the day, and the best angle for the shot I had in mind. I had to keep returning to the same spot week after week until all of the elements and subjects aligned in the right place at the right time for me to get the shot that I ultimately submitted to the Street Photography International Awards 2022. Funnily enough, I was almost bitten by a dog that I didn’t see beneath the scaffolding of the house as I was taking the photo!" said Hersley Casero, "When I got back to the studio and looked through my photos, I found this gem! The closer I looked at the intricate details, the more excited I became about it."

We ourselves are excited to see how this photo makes waves around the world and are extremely proud of Hersley's noteworthy photo. Congratulations to our FU Resident artist, Hersley Casero!


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