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At Foundation University, we strive to guarantee research opportunities for both our undergraduate and graduate students. Our faculty also engages in academic research through surveys, experiments, and more. It's a great way for our students to see how the process is done with success. Check out our latest findings below. If you're interested in research at FU, inquire with our colleges today! 




Math Notebook and Calculator

How Math Anxiety Affects Academic Performance

M. Futalan, J. Silorio, and M. Lumagas sought to discover the ramifications of anxiety on learners discovering the field of mathematics. There tends to be a stark contrast between people these days when it comes to numbers: either you can do math or you can’t (or you think you can’t). But where does this self-prejudice develop and why does it occur? It can range from elementary school to high school but somewhere along the road, students often lose faith in their ability to calculate on their journey into math. 

Motivators Behind Criminology

Sir Bimboy Cueno undertook an extensive research study throughout four cities of Negros Oriental where schools offer criminology programs. He wanted to determine whether or not the motivational needs were being met for criminology professors and which factors influenced them. In his abstract, several “criminologist professors (especially those in part-time and probationary statuses) faced low salary grade, delayed monthly wages, unjustifiable policies, insecurity of tenure, and a lack of necessary amenities to augment an efficient working environment.” These unacceptable dynamics have led to a shortage in qualified criminology instructors due to the fact that most criminology graduates elect to join a police force instead of academe. 

Crime Scene Tape

A Deeper Look at Inmates

Sir Bimboy Cueno is the dean of the College of Criminology at FU and directs his passion for the field into academic research to better both himself and criminology as a whole. Recently, he undertook an analysis of current attitudes on the effectiveness of the Inmates’ Welfare and Development Program (IWDP) within a jail in the province of Negros Oriental.

Solving Math Equations
Solving Math Equations

Math Modules in Siquijor

FU graduate student Jennyvie A. Van Rozelaar assembled a mathematics module for Grade 7 students at Banban National High School in Siquijor due to the fact that it’s the most difficult subject for students to grasp. 

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