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College of Computer Studies



Acting Dean:  Vanessa Ruiz

Phone: +63-997-739-4149


Computers have made our lives better since they first came about in the 20th century. From our laptops to our desktops to our convenient smart phones, it ceases to amaze what our devices can do. But have you ever wondered about becoming the puppeteer behind the programs? Or perhaps you've learned how to solve some computer problems on your own and you discovered the process to be an enjoyable one. The field of Computer Studies is a fantastic area that concentrates on where our future is headed in both small and large scale ways. 

At Foundation University, we offer two majors for Computer Studies students: Information Technology and Computer Studies. Our curriculum has a wide range of courses, from platform technology to object-oriented programming, to not only get you industry ready, but expose you to the diversity of technology itself. You'll develop the foundations of a strong computer scientist or IT specialist along with invaluable skills and an attitude to keep learning that will take you far. FU offers three different areas of specialization as well, including game development, Internet of Things Development, and Web Systems Development. Decide which suits you best over the course of your educational journey. 

Computers changed our world, but it's really the people behind those computers and their programs. Become the computer scientist that makes a difference through FU,


How do I know if Computer Studies is right for me? 

-If you love technology and learning its latest intricacies, you're on the right track. If you enjoy solving technical problems, then you're definitely in the right place. Computer Studies requires precision, persistence, and the belief you can do it better than a computer. 

What soft skills will I develop by undertaking Computer Studies at FU?

-Today's computer scientists must master adaptability above all us due to the drastic changes technology undergoes each passing year. It's important for computer scientists to not only dive into learning new programs and software, but to keep their curiosity alive. At FU, our Computer Studies students cover a wide range of material that gets them ready for a globally competitive world, paired with crucial hands on experience to guarantee they're prepared. 

What is the job market like for a Computer Studies graduate from FU? 

-Our devices, software, and programs continue to evolve at a rapid rate, which means there are countless job opportunities with a degree in Computer Studies. It's a field that relates to just about everything, whether it's game design, cybersecurity, creating apps, or improving digital systems, everyone is in need of a good computer scientist. At FU, you'll come out a great one. 

What is the difference between Information Technology (IT) and Computer Science?

-Computer science focuses on designing and building computer programs whereas IT concentrates on maintenance (i.e. troubleshooting systems so things run smoothly).

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