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College of Business Administration



Dean: Ligaya Mae Concepcion

Phone: +63-955-327-4761


They say time is money but money in itself is a placeholder for what is valuable and what has potential. These two ingredients lay the foundations for our ever-changing ways of living better lives. Studying the field of business provides the groundwork for navigating the world of commerce and how our potential flows. From initiating start up companies to advertising to handling monetary assets, knowing the ins and outs shape you into one who is prepared for anything. 

Whether you're studying accounting, finance, or entrepreneurship in the field of business, time management and organizational skills are a must. It may seem like careers in business revolve around the idea of money, which attracts some people and repels others, it’s actually about giving and receiving. Any smart businessperson knows the more you give, the more you get. Successful enterprises often give back as much as possible to their community because they know that in the end, it helps them in return. If learning how to manage the flow of currency to better the lives of others and yourself, then a specialty in business might be just what you’re looking for.

At FU, we offer several different programs to choose from with highly knowledgeable and experienced professors. We also procure relevant internships to get you industry ready before graduation. The world of business is one you don't want to fall behind in and at FU, we get you ahead of the game before it's even started. 


Is a Business Management Degree the right choice for me?

-At the heart of business management is leadership, which necessitates leading people, leading teams, leading ideas, and so much more. It takes a lot of gumption to be a leader as well as a thick skin because when mistakes happen, it's the manager that takes the fall for it. A manager must be able to think quickly in any given situation while navigating social situations with effective communication. At FU, we get you the experience you need to lead with our various business management programs.  ​

What are my career options with a degree in business?

-The world is your oyster when it comes to business. It flourishes as much as a rain forest, but it is also fraught with competition, crashes, and outdated ideas. You can go anywhere with a business degree and climb just about any ladder since a background in business applies to a myriad of fields. Wherever you choose to go, a business degree from FU will get you there with sturdy foundations you can rely on. 

How do I choose the right major for me? 

-Our basic business core education at FU provides a wide variety of courses to immerse you in the world of business. From there, you can choose what interests you the most and advance your skills in it through our specific programs, electives, and specialty courses. You can also set up a consultation with our faculty if you have further questions about our offered majors. 

What does a degree in accounting entail? 

-Accountants fulfill a crucial role within a company for their computational and calculation skills with financial information. Their measurements serve as a guide for managers when it comes to proceeding with transactions, deals, etc. Accounting positions are high in demand due to the fact that companies will always need someone with meticulous analytical skills to keep track of their accounts. If you enjoy numbers and solving mathematical problems, we'd strongly suggest considering a degree in accounting at FU.

What does a degree in finance entail? 

-A degree in finance opens up the doors for countless opportunities because companies require someone savvy in financial decision making. A strong background knowledge in financial security allows a company to push forward with proper banking, funding, and capital leveraging. Essentially, you will contribute to the financial growth of a company and its future. At FU, we guarantee the necessary skills for finance and more so you can elevate a company to its highest potential.

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