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College of Arts &



Dean: Peter Macabinguil

Phone: +63-906-939-7104


The College of Arts and Sciences at FU offers five exceptional fields to choose from. In this day and age, creativity is considered one of the most valuable skills a prospective employee can possess. Being able to tackle problems from multiple angles and provide innovative solutions with a fresh outlook is what we emphasize throughout your educational journey. 

Biology continues to be a thriving field that offers countless opportunities in many different ways. We study the processes that foster life as well as the patterns that form over time. Then we can predict how things further evolve. FU offers a gamut of classes, including evolutionary biology, general zoology, and human anatomy and physiology to immerse you in the cells that make us up. Studying the field of biology provides a beautiful perspective of the world around us, deepening your understanding of what breathes, what's bacterial, and what needs our help with balance. Whether you're interested in going microscopic with genetics or macro with helping the world, becoming a biologist is a fruitful endeavor to embark on. 

At FU, we have one of the only professional studios in Dumaguete City for broadcast communication students to take advantage of. You gain the industry experience you need to report the news while keeping it fresh and exciting. FU has the only studio students can practice in, especially by getting involved with our iGreyound Studio to create more engaging episodes! Learn how to manage cameras, lights, and actions like you've never before! Our students also master the importance of collecting crucial elements for honest and thorough journalism. It is more important than ever to report what's true to the community, shedding light on what is fake and harmful. If you've always been captivated by media and what it can offer, then jump right into our broadcast communications program. 

A degree in English is one of the most versatile degrees a student can go after. It opens numerous doors around the world, whether you're interested in traveling, writing, or teaching, mastering the English language is a sure way to advance your cross cultural communication skills. We cover courses on syntax to linguistics to the psychology of language. The field of literature within the English major also widens your perspective past our own current timeline. Dive into novels that go beyond the century you live in and see what life was like in the past across the Philippines and the globe. Become a well-rounded person and develop wisdom written through the ages through an English degree at FU. 

Those who don't study history are doomed to repeat it, an expression we're all familiar with, speaks to the importance of why we should study history. It is a captivating field fraught with stories of glory, grief, and the gravity of human nature. Learn about how the Philippines developed over time as well as an in-depth analysis of Southeast Asia. Our students cover the historical world in a fruitful journey through the lens of an objective scholar. At FU, discover the beauties and atrocities of human history, and why it is crucial to remember our past. 

The field of mathematics is a complex language of numbers that reveal a different way of seeing the universe. While it is quite an old area of study, it continues to be a highly relevant one with many avenues to use it in. At FU, we offer an extensive curriculum of mathematical courses, from abstract algebra to calculus to statistical theory. When you study math, you become an analytical person capable of breaking down any problem into tractable, manageable steps towards the solution. Become a robust critical thinker by joining the department of mathematics at FU! 

Winston Churchill once said, "Politics is almost as exciting as war, and quite as dangerous. In war, you can be killed only once but in politics, many times." The field of political science is one that assesses how power is exercised in a variety of settings, whether it's through a policy, an individual, or a group. Political science is an extremely versatile field as well; graduates can go into law, politics, education, business, and more due to the nature of the curriculum. At FU, our students learn the politics behind the Philippines, governance around the world, several political theories, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. The journey of a political science major and what they do with it is always an exciting one.  


What can I do with a degree in biology?

-A degree in biology will open up the doors to a wide array of job choices in this day and age. Over the course of your studies, you can determine if you prefer research, conservation, medicine, or even education. From there, countless opportunities await you, such as becoming a microbiologist to a nature conservation officer to a veterinary nurse. The world is your oyster when you study the way life works. 

What soft skills will I develop studying biology at FU? 

-Biology is a field that requires a lot of analytical and investigative skills, which courses at FU will sharpen through research and interactive classes. Students also master both qualitative and quantitative capabilities as they conduct their experiments, understanding the importance of both elements when it comes to great research. 

What career opportunities do I have if I pursue a degree in broadcast communications at FU? 

-Since the advent of media, there has always been a need to fill when it comes to bringing people the news. Our broadcast communications department has a fully equipped studio with state-of-the-art technology so students are ready for the real industry upon graduation. FU is the only university in Dumaguete City to provide students with everything they need to land a career in news reporting and production. 

Why should I major in English at FU? 

-At FU, we have partnered with several schools so our students can immerse themselves in the field before officially becoming teachers. We offer wide range of exceptional classes so our students learn the ins and outs of the English language and its structure. An English major from FU can land you a position in a classroom, something online, or even working with adult

What soft skills will I develop studying history at FU? 

-Studying history allows you to become both a big picture thinker as well as someone able to scrutinize the smallest of details, and then connect everything together. Students studying history at FU learn how to think critically about events in time, piece complex ideas together, and research support for theories on the past. Learning the history of humanity heightens your awareness and allows you to communicate what you discover in a clearly articulated manner. 

What are my career options with a degree in history from FU? 

-A history degree opens up more doors than you might think, including careers in journalism, museum management, advertising, and global charity work. Students can also go on to become librarians or lawyers, as both require sound reasoning of vast knowledge and an understanding of human behavior. And of course, our students at FU are eligible to become history teachers too! 

What are likely career paths for political science majors at FU? 

-Political science sets the stage for any student interested in a political or governmental position. It also lays a strong foundation with which to work with if you're interested in pursuing law after graduation. 

How can I gain leadership experience studying political science at FU? 

-At FU, we have several events that our political science students take the reins for to practice managing large groups. There are also numerous volunteer opportunities that students can take advantage of because it's important for political science majors to immerse themselves in the community. 

How do I know if studying mathematics at FU is right for me?

-Our mathematicians at FU have put together a curriculum that exposes students to many different subjects in the field. They become well-rounded with sharpened critical thinking skills to solve various problems. There are also great research opportunities for our math majors; for example, we had one student study the effects of math anxiety on academic performance for senior high school students. We go beyond the books at FU. 

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