To teach, it originally means to show it to allow someone to sample something out (we are creatures of imitation, after all), but it is so much more than that. John Steinbeck thought, “Teaching might even be the greatest of the arts since the medium is the human mind and spirit.” And the teachers that are behind the teaching never get to see the true impact of their efforts because it lasts forever. What they instill ripples from mind to mind, generation to generation, and humanity continues to nurture its own innovation and wisdom. Teachers are the incredible bridge, a holy spirit of knowledge, that light the way from the unknown to the known for us.

Today, we would like to share our deepest gratitude for the instructors, teachers, and professors at FU. Without them, our beautiful community that revolves around education would be left in the dark. We would also like to recognize the staff and administration that work so diligently to help elevate our teachers to the best of their abilities. Today is a day to honor the people that pushed us out of our comfort zones and into the joy of learning – a time to cherish the wonderful moments they have filled our lives with – a day to appreciate everything they do for us. It is both a selfless and noble profession to pursue, and we applaud each every one of you. “If you have to put someone on a pedestal, put teachers. They are society’s heroes,” exclaimed Guy Kawasaki.

Please join us in celebrating our teachers. Send them a message of how much they mean to you, whether you’re in their class now or were once upon a time. Nothing compares to the immense happiness a student can create when they tell their teachers how much they appreciate them. When we show love for our instructors, they give it back tenfold to their students, so spread the love today! Nurture the student and teacher within.

Happy Teachers’ Day!