We are thrilled to announce the appointment of our new Director of University Research and Extension, Mr. Romario P. Ybañez. Please join us in welcoming Mr. Ybañez to this exciting position!

Mr. Ybañez earned his Doctor in Public Administration in 2002 at FU, as well as a Master in Arts in Religious Education in 1998 and a Master in Business Administration in 2008, both at St. Paul University, respectively. He also earned a BA in computer science and business management by 1991 at St. Paul University. Mr. Ybañez is perfectly situated for director because he was a grant writer at Heroic Media, directed research and planning at St. Paul University for ten years, and even served as the Acting Dean of the Graduate School for Business and Public Administration for six years. Beginning in June of 2019 to this past summer, Mr. Ybañez was a member of the quality assurance team at NORSU.

Apart from his academic affiliations and involvements, Mr. Ybañez has a whole host of exceptional achievements under his belt. He has been actively involved in different community partnerships and projects. Currently, he is the Chairman on the Board of Directors of St. Catherine Family Helper Project Inc., a position he has held since 2015. Mr. Ybañez also served as coordinator of the Asian University Digital Resource Network from 2012-2016 and a consultant/project manager for Regional Market Survey of PHCCI in 2015.

We have high hopes for what Mr. Ybañez will bring to the table at FU’s Research and Extension Department. Feel free to reach out for what research opportunities are awaiting you! You can download and visit the Civitas app for what research our innovative FU students have conducted already.

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