Foundation University was the first and continues to be the only institution with an iPad Program for its students in Dumaguete City. The idea was to equip students with the most advanced tools to properly prepare them for the future. Remaining on top of technology and its constant changes can be daunting, especially the older we get, but by incorporating smart devices into the classroom for students at an early age, they learn how to adapt with technology.

Now we’ve gone beyond the iPad.

Smart devices allow students to access information through digital means that are not available through paper media mediums. Knowledge is power. When a student can eliminate uncertainty, they can eliminate the fear that goes with it, and that feels empowering. Being able to research a topic in depth is absolutely vital for students these days; plus, students can keep their curiosity aflame with the surplus of information available at their fingertips. It was both a noble and valiant effort to initiate the iPad Program at FPA for its students but we wanted to expand it even further. The iPad Program has now blossomed into an LMS Program in which data and learning material are now available through any device that has access to the internet. Class subject matter was originally developed for iPad users but now, it’s accessible to any OS. The introduction of the LMS Program is the next step in progress, a step that ensures equal access of our hybrid learning and teaching resources for every level at FU.

The iPad Program at FPA is the hub of idea incubation – it’s the exciting experimental zone. We get to see what works the best for learners and then push the boundaries further. The hope is to extend the programs as far as it can go to keep improving upon education itself. FU is setting its sights on achieving the same digital proficiency and efficacy with its others programs at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Over the course of the pandemic, studies around the world demonstrated increased levels of self-motivation via online because they had more independence through self-paced learning. Online classes also helped and continues to help refine critical thinking skills, broaden one’s global perspective, and even enhance collaboration and communication skills – intangible assets that are in high demand for today’s global job market. Despite the extreme hardships of 2020 and its continuing consequences into this year, there were several benefits that emerged as well. The pandemic provided the transition for people to become more trusting with online learning and the truth is, it is just as effective as face-to-face when it’s done right. In fact, some aspects are even more worthwhile. In the end, it’s merely another opportunity to adapt, something FU constantly strives to do.

At Foundation University, it is always our priority that we are able to provide the absolute best tools for learning. We want our students to succeed in every which way, anxiety-free and at ease with their education. The only pressure we want our students to know is the good kind, the pressure that motivates students to eagerly and enthusiastically do their best. That’s how diamonds are made. Each and every Foundationite will triumph this year with the tools, the FU support, and the vast potential they have within. Cheers to this upcoming academic school year for 2021-2022!