Recognition. Achievement. Gratitude. That’s what graduation is all about before our graduates set out into the world of infinite possibility. We come together this Saturday to recognize how incredible the next generation of FU graduates is and how they will make the future brighter for everyone.

Join us on this momentous day as we honor our graduates and the achievements that they worked so diligently to accomplish. From passing board exams to learning invaluable life lessons to mastering versatile skills, every step of the way has been a worthwhile one. It always is when it comes to true learning. This ceremony is a time in which we can truly rejoice in our graduates’ educational milestone and demonstrate how thankful we are for their fortitude in the face of education.

Foundation University’s graduation ceremony will take place Live on its Facebook Page on July 31st at 3pm. Everyone at FU came together to make this glorious event one of a kind. Come partake in the celebration this weekend and show your support for our FU graduates. Shower them with the praise they deserve.

We can’t wait to congratulate YOU for what’ve you achieved!