Happy Founder’s Day, FU! It’s been an incredible 72 years of providing accessible education for students that want to build brighter futures. And did you know 72 is a significant number? It’s one that symbolizes trust between loved ones. Needless to say, FU has fostered a supportive community that uplifts students into achieving their dreams. When you learn, you feel prepared. When you feel prepared, you go out and succeed. When you succeed, you elevate everyone around you. Despite the circumstances of the current pandemic, we are so proud of our students that continued their education and excelled in their courses as well as our graduates that completed a huge chapter in their lives. It just goes to show FU is stronger than ever!

This year, our administration and representatives from each department came together at the social garden to celebrate a small yet profound Dal-Uy Ceremony. During normal circumstances, the festival is cause for a huge celebration that takes place along the boulevard. Thousands of people pour out to watch FU students write their aspirations on floating lanterns and send them out to say with the highest of hopes for the academic year. Instead, FU solemnly adhered to social distancing restrictions and floated their lanterns at the FU pond for its students. Sir Dean, the president of FU, created his own little lantern and set it afloat in Hawaii with the sentiment of fueling the expert in you – there is so much potential in each pupil. We wish everyone in our FU community a successful 2021-2022 year as well as prosperity to come. Hope, dedication, imagination, these are the things that cannot be crushed by anything, not even a pandemic. We know our students will put these ingredients into action and construct their brighter futures.

In case you didn’t know the beautiful roots of our community, Foundation University was established in 1949 by Dr. Vincente G. Sinco in the hopes of providing equal opportunities for everyone through quality education. He stated, “We want to educate men and women whose only passport is intellectual competence; whose pursuit is excellence of mind, body, and character; and whose quest is for freedom and truth.” Being a part of the FU community instills the sturdiest foundations one could ask for when it comes to education.

We’d like to invite you to join our virtual mass at the University Chapel today at 4pm. While we wish all of us could come together face-to-face to celebrate this momentous occasion, it is important to put safety first. Please keep your distance and take proper precautions to remain healthy during these trying times. No matter where you’re located, know that you are a part of FU, know that we are celebrating YOU as much as we are commemorating Foundation University. Happy Founder’s Day!