Summer is here. And while the Philippines does not have a “summer” so to speak, we’ve all sensed the approach of the rainy season. Rain is a beautiful thing; it has the ability to soothe us when we’re hot, to cleanse us when we feel weighed down by life’s dirt, to awaken us when things get too languid. When we’re behind windows or open bamboo, seeing and hearing rain often brings a sense of calming serenity. People stay indoors, they sip at calamansi juice, perhaps a book gets opened or a peaceful conversation starts. Either way, rain serves as a gentle catalyst in our everyday lives.

Enrollment for summer classes at Foundation University have not only begun, classes have started! And students couldn’t have asked for a better time to cozy up, get ahead with their education, and take advantage of the rainy season. Learning should never stop no matter what time of year it is. The world needs people with advanced skills more than ever because it grows more complex by the minute, whether it’s technologically, medically, or even socially. We need potential nurses to become the nurses they’re meant to be. We need our architects to design environmentally friendly structures and for our industrial engineers to instill efficiency into the systems that help run our lives smoothly. We need our artists to enrich our souls, our instructors to guide growing minds, and our computer experts to assist us with the complex language of technology we find ourselves using without truly grasping. The list goes on and on. Foundation University offers the classes students need in the 21st century to not only be competitive in today’s global market, but to be prepared for whatever tomorrow brings, whether that tomorrow is next year or ten years from now. With the attitude of building a brighter future, students learn to keep hindsight 20/20 at bay and always think the way successful people think. Success demands action, ideas, and above all, sharing. Foundation University is currently in the midst of sharing its FUEL Program to give students plenty of opportunities.

Whether you’re a student or a family inquiring about summer classes, you can enroll by following these simple steps listed below. The enrollment process is easy and there’s no need to worry about classes filling up, they’ve got you covered. Check out what they have to offer today and expedite your education this summer!

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