The Dean of the College of Criminology recently published a book on forensic science which will help enhance the knowledge and skills of students, law enforcers, and other forensic science enthusiasts, in the field of personal identification.


Bimboy C. Cueno, who also serves as guest lecturer in various review centers around Visayas, co-authored the newly-published book entitled, Forensic Science: Personal Identification Techniques, along with his co-authors: Police Inspector Blas V. Alpeche and Marlon L. Teves.





The said publication’s content merely focuses on a simplified way of understanding the principles of fingerprint processing, analysis, and identification which are helpful to criminology students and law enforcers.


Bimboy C. Cueno is the current Dean at Foundation University College of Criminology. He holds a master’s degree in criminal justice from the University of Cebu. Currently, he is pursuing doctor of philosophy in criminal justice major in Criminology, at the same institution.