Grade 12 Arts & Design students of Foundation Preparatory Academy showcased the output of their subject Leadership and Management in Different Arts and Fields through a mural situated outside North City Elementary School in Brgy. Piape, Dumaguete City.


The said subject Leadership and Management in Different Arts and Fields allows the student’s creative juice flow through self-mastery, project conceptualization and project planning.


Using the Laughing Boy image by FU resident artist Hersley Ven Casero, the mural project aims at raising art awareness and the reminder to find genuine joy in life, as depicted in the happy smile of the little boy.


Added to that, the project advocates freedom of self-expression through art by showcasing the diversity of Negros Oriental in Laughing Boy murals surrounded by local symbols of Negros Oriental – turtles, dolphins, and fishes, Apo Island, pottery, lanterns, Mt. Talinis and the Dumaguete bell tower along with the four elements: water, fire, air, and earth. The murals stand as a reminder to spread the joy and creativity in the local community and to promote Negros Oriental.


The Arts and Design Track at Foundation Preparatory Academy allows the students to discover the student’s interest in various art fields like design, media arts, visual arts and performance art. Not only meant for leisure and hobby, the track leads to a career option in the art world including industrial and interior design, architecture, animation, photography, film and performing arts.