To counter the alarming culture of cyberbullying among the youth of Dumaguete City and Negros Oriental, Foundation University through its Office of Information and Publications and Foundation Preparatory Academy formally launched the Digital Greyhound last Thursday, December 5 at the FU Green during the Inter-High School Dance Competition.


Digital Greyhound advocates for Responsible Digital Citizenship and the focus for this year’s campaign efforts is to counter cyberbullying through the production of online contents such as: Vlogs, Posters and Memes – which are commonly used by the youth of today to communicate a certain message.


Digital Greyhound Awards, to be held in time for the University Expo by February, will be a healthy competition among FPA students and many other high schools within Negros Oriental as they will showcase their best anti-cyberbullying ideas through Vlogs, Memes and Posters.


Done in cooperation with the Office of Student Life and the Guidance and Counseling Office, the said online campaign is an offshoot of the Digital Youth Summit organized by Facebook Philippines and Mano Amiga Academy held October 23 to 26, 2019 at Grand Hyatt Manila, Bonifacio Global City.


The process begins with short talks called DG (Digital Greyhound) Talk to counter cyberbullying and share about the dangers it will possibly cause to the victims. This will be done in classrooms, small groups, big crowds through a forum and several other methods.


The working team is composed of Klein F. Emperado (Content Manager – Project Head); Chris G. Calumba (Principal, Foundation Preparatory Academy); Jenkens S. Baba (FPA Instructor); Raquel D. Corsame (FPA student) and Wilhelm D. Inao (FPA student).


Upon submission, the online campaign materials will be posted at the official social media platform of the University. The deadline is set on first week of February, before the Digital Greyhound Awards.


Also by next year, Foundation University’s school campaigns will take a new format as it will bear the message to high school students on ways to counter cyberbullying and to encourage intellectual and fair online discussions. The campaign encourages the use of hashtags #FeelProtectAdvocate #IAmDigitalGreyhound #FuandIAgainstCyberbullying.


Digital Greyhound, named after the University’s mascot and thus, reflecting the generation of today who are digital citizens in nature, is an official online campaign of Foundation University in cooperation with Facebook Philippines and Mano Amiga Academy Inc., with the goal to influence the youth of Negros Oriental on the importance of responsible digital citizenship.