For 70 years, Hara sa FU has produced women of wit and beauty. The title’s significance to the community as an advocate of noble causes and of social transformation is a testament of Foundation University’s commitment to cultivate arts and culture, preserve the environment and thus, contribute to nation-building as a whole.

With the advancement of gender equality, Hara sa FU Pageant has grown into an endeavor aimed to empower women. It has served as an avenue for women to unleash their true beauty and potentials.

Hara sa FU is gifted with a sound mind to help her process the realities, a beautiful face to inspire positivity and a heart willing to serve the community.

After the Hara sa FU Pageant, the women acquire a higher sense of responsibility, excel in their chosen field of endeavors and carry on with their individual journey towards personality development.


Therese Villarta
College of Arts and Sciences

Bea, as she is best known to most people, hails from Bayawan City and is a proud member of the Buglasayaw Dance Troupe of Foundation University. She is a self-confessed spaghetti-lover and she loves singing aside from dancing.

“I have the voice for others, the ability to listen. I believe that people nowadays don’t have the ability to listen,” Bea answered on why she should become the Hara sa FU 2020.


Cassidy Nave Jaos
Department of Architecture and Fine Arts

Blessed with gentle looks, Cassidy who is born and raised in Siquijor, does not hesitate to show her wacky face when asked about her hidden talent. She loves baked potatoes – something she could possibly eat for the rest of her life.

Cassidy describes Hara sa FU as someone who is an inspiration to the students and the community. She also added that a Hara sa FU must be courageous, confident, brave, intelligent, knowledgeable.


Mariam Lodhi
Foundation Preparatory Academy

Mariam is an international student born in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia but her origins are from Pakistan. Young as she is, she has stood by herself as an independent woman with an adventurous spirit. Proof of which, she traveled alone without telling anyone of her plans.

A self-confessed pizza lover, Mariam describes Hara sa FU as someone who is true, believes in herself and other people. Courage and belief in the self, are the qualities Mariam holds that will enable her to win the crown.


Clyde Dianne Estanio
College of Business Administration

Dianne from the beautiful island of Siquijor loves the sight of the sunset. For her, it symbolizes beautiful endings. She has this love for acting and is more than willing to her skills.

“Hara sa FU is someone who is very helpful, loving, kind and very courageous,” shared Dianne after being asked to describe what a Hara sa FU should be. As an aspiring titlist, she believes that what sets her apart is the willingness to extend her arms to the community.


Chrishia Marie Catid
College of Hospitality Management

Crishia, a native of Basay, Negros Oriental, loves to eat spaghetti. She bears so much love for the night as for her, it seems that she is more relaxed. Her weird skills includes doing a back roll on the bed.

If she wins the crown, Crishia wants to connect with other people and empower fellow students. She is someone who would love to stroll anywhere if she was invisible and has a special fondness for slippers, something she could never live without.



Kairah Caye Omongos
College of Agriculture


As a future agriculturist, Kairah bears the desire to help people facing poverty by teaching them to plant food and grow plants for their food consumption. She originates from Maria, Siquijor and is a self-confessed rice eater with a special talent – bullwhipping.

Though very shy, Kairah wants to boost her confidence and later on, become an inspiration for others through the experience of joining the Hara sa FU Pageant. For her, Hara sa FU should be a strong woman and full of determination.



Vianca Flor Repollo
College of Criminology

Vianca from Brgy. Bajumpandan, Dumaguete City expresses her love for the night due to its calmness and serenity. She also loves the sunsets as for her, “There will always be an end, and it ends beautifully.” She loves to eat pizza and if she would be invisible, she would go to the food market.

She bears with her the desire to offer new things if she wins the crown as Hara sa FU 2020. Vianca wants to use the crown as a platform for expression and for her to help the community.

Kimberly Toquero
School Industrial Engineering and Technology


Kimberly from Dauin town’s Apo Island, prefers the morning and the sunrise for it connotes new chance, a time to do more good things and to correct faults. Her thoughtfulness is innate that at one time in her life, she skipped classes to prepare for a birthday surprise intended for her mentor.

Through the Hara experience, she desires to mold herself and gain confidence and later on, encourage young people to hone their capabilities and to love who and what they are as persons.


Celina Mae Tubilla
College of Education


Celina, who loves ice cream and mornings, hails from the town of San Jose, Negros Oriental. If given the power to be invisible, she would want to be in a very quiet and calm place.

For Celina, Hara sa FU is a woman with a kind heart and has the capability to deal with people from various walks of life. She believes in her capacity to win the crown due to her being competitive and confident.


Cherry Bless Belotindos
College of Computer Studies

A native of Sta. Catalina, Negros Oriental, Cherry is fascinated with the sight of sunsets and the mixture of colors that she would often witness due to her home’s proximity to the beach.

She believes that through the Hara sa FU experience she will be able to unleash her own potentials. And she knows that she can work hard and persevere in order to fight for the crown. Hara sa FU, for Cherry, should be a woman who knows how to sympathize with people who are in need and are longing for love.



Kassandra Venzuelo
Graduate School


Kassandra from Brgy. Taclobo, Dumaguete City, loves to eat her mother’s spaghetti. She is a night person as she does work during this time of the day and a sunset lover, as well.

If given the chance to win the crown, Kassandra shares that it would be both a great honor and big responsibility. For her, Hara sa FU should be beautiful but with a purpose, a heart and soul that is willing to serve. She also points out that aside, she has to find a purpose to guide her in her actions.


Hara sa FU: 70 Years and Beyond

Since 1949, its humble beginnings as a campus pageant was aimed to test the wit and showcase the beauty of women at the then Foundation College.

Through the decades, Hara sa FU has become an advocacy-driven pageant among Foundationite women whose heart beats for the community and for its betterment.

Hara sa FU, on its 70th year, heightens the desire to be involved in community work, as the face and heart of Foundation University – in its aim to contribute to nation-building.