Three guest artists facilitated over a Ceramic Art Workshop last October 14 to 19 at Foundation University as part of the 2019 Artist-in-Residence Program.


Jezzel Wee, Jay Song and Hellen Fuller shared their expertise on the important procedures in crafting ceramic art namely: clay processing, kneading and hand-building, plaster mould making, potter’s wheel throwing, glazing, tints and firing.


Jezzel Wee is a faculty member of the Ceramics Department at the University of the Philippines – Diliman, Quezon City and was trained as an apprentice under Tsugaru Kanayama for three years at Aomori Prefecture, Japan. Wee was involved in artist residencies and art exhibitions in Australia and Southeast Asia.


Meanwhile, Jay Song is a visual artist from Hobart, Tasmania, Australia whose work celebrates diversity, identity and acceptance and his crafts revolve around themes such as: body commodity, body culture and social constructs built around the body. The artist refers to the body “as an objectified consumable forms” and has become the primary subjects of Song’s artistic investigations.


On the other hand, Helen Fuller hails from Adelaide, South Australia. She holds a diploma in teaching secondary art; diploma in fine art (major in painting) and master in visual arts from the University of South Australia (formerly Torrens College of Advanced Education, Adelaide).


Culminating the said workshop was a public art exhibition by the artists-in-residence entitled, Terracota Hotpot, opened last October 24 at Cafe Memento, Dumaguete City.


(Photo grabbed from Hersley Casero’s Facebook Post)