Effective September 6, the dean of the College of Education has been appointed to assume the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs of Foundation University.


Jasper Eric C. Catan will be responsible for the implementation of educational policies, academic-related programs and projects of the institution. His task also involves supervision of curricular, instructional, and other activities involving the academic aspect.


For almost 9 years, Catan has served the University as a full-time regular faculty at the College of Education and program chair of its graduate school programs. He also held other positions namely: chairman of the Library Committee and Cultural and Student Activities Officer.


Catan, who is actively involved as a presenter in various research forums around the country, earned his undergraduate degree in secondary education major in English and master of arts in education major in English from Foundation University. At present, he is pursuing a doctorate degree in Philosophy major in English with area of concentration in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) at Silliman University.