With the goal to inspire students to create social business enterprises, Foundation University through the College of Business Administration held another edition of the Foundation Dialogue focused on Social Entrepreneurship held September 20 at the Sofia Soller Sinco Hall.


Now on its 5th installment, Foundation Dialogue tackled the topic, Entrepreneurship and my Future through a series of talks by inspiring speakers meant to ignite the desire of students from the various educational institutions in the city and the province to think of solutions to social/environmental issues and at the same time, contribute to the nation’s future through social business ventures.


A panel discussion on entrepreneurship and its importance to economic growth and as a mover of social innovation was held in the morning with the pool of speakers composed of Andy Coscolluela from the Strategic Projects Department of Negros Women for Tomorrow Foundation Inc.; Erwin Lizarondo, a former professor in business and economics and current social innovation and entrepreneurial consultant; and Camille Rose Duque Albarracin, a social entrepreneur and founder of Everything Green and Green Events PH.


Then, this was followed by Sensefiction – a whole day workshop teaching individuals to create their own social enterprise or social campaign from scratch. In coming up with an output, the individuals are made to formulate a solution to a social/environmental problem then, design a social entrepreneurship and innovation which will involve people and will directly address the identified problems.


A focus group discussion capped the said whole day event with sepakers, Camille Albarracin and Erwin Lizarondo sharing their thoughts, ideas and experiences on the topics: Greenovation and the Role of Education in Creating a Social Innovation Ecosystem, respectively.


This fifth edition of Foundation Dialogue is spearheaded by the College of Business Administration as part of the series of activities for their College Week Celebration.


Foundation University aims to take part and lead in nation-building through the promotion and development of entrepreneurial ideas among the youth.