An alumnus and one of Foundation University’s resident artists was accepted to a three-week program based in California, United States of America running for three weeks.


Hersley-Ven Casero is among the 2019 participants for the Chalk Hill Artist Residency Program. The said program provides an opportunity for artists across various mediums to pursue creative work in a conducive space and time. Chalk Hill Artist Residency offers the use of the artist house, studio space, and access to the ranch property.

For the whole duration of the program, Casero will craft the continuation of his Impermanence series which pertains to the complicated relationship between humans and the inconstancy of the environment. The inspiration came from the sight of seeing a home drastically changed due to Western influence. His works are to show a different perspective of his work as an artist.


Based in Sonoma County, one and half hour from San Francisco, the residency program is housed in a ranch property named Warnecke Ranch and Vineyard with redwood-covered hills, hiking trails, vineyards, and private access to the Russian River. The location itself has become a source of inspiration for the resident artists.


In 2015, Casero was appointed as FU’s Resident Artist after his stint as a photographer with the Creative Department since 2006. Over the years, he has engaged in group art exhibitions both in local and regional gallleries specifically in the country’s capital, Manila.