In order to advance finance education at Foundation University to a more global perspective, the Dean of the College of Business Administration attended a training held June 23 to 27 at the Bloomberg LP, Singapore.


Dean Dr. Charlotte V. Cariño was enrolled at the Training and Immersion Program which included the following: Bloomberg Equities, Stock Market and Commodity Training; Forex and Economics Training; Bloomberg News Analytics and Advance Technical Analysis.


The said training at Bloomberg provided several learning opportunities and technical skills enhancement in the field of finance.


“It is high time that we take Finance education to a global level where we prepare our students and provide the edge as they enter a rapidly changing economy,” said Cariño.


Bloomberg, a forward-looking company, supplies training programs and services to financial and educational institutions alongside building products and solutions that are responsive to the necessities of the modern times.


Cariño also added that FU business students will gain the opportunity to learn and engage in Bloomberg Education due to the fact that it is also integrated into the curriculum.


She also added further that Bloomberg terminals are available resources for research in Finance and Economics sectors. Through the terminals, students will be able to monitor and analyze real-time financial market data and place trades on the electronic platform.


The said training of a key leader of the Bloomberg program at Foundation University was made possible with the support of its partner, East West Educational Specialists Inc.