Foundation University is set to host a conference promoting the use of open geo data and free software as tools for mapping communities from August 1 to 3.


“Pista ng Mapa” (Festival of Maps) organized by the local communities of OpenStreetMap and OsGeo/FOSS4G, is an outreach activity aimed to generate public interest and promote use of Open Data and Free Software.


The event is aimed to gather and generate the interest of more enthusiasts and users in the public and private sector and among local communities in the Philippines, especially those outside the capital region.


Aside from acquiring technical digital skills and techniques, the various presentations, workshops and activities will provide the participants a better understanding on how local open mapping communities work for the common good. Through the activity, participants will be able to widen their reach by acquainting with national and regional counterparts.


The said seminar workshop will introduce to local and private partners to the nature of Open Data – a global movement geared towards sharing and providing easy access to the world’s information and representation for all citizens to use for various efforts especially in the field of research and community development aside from disaster risk and reduction management. Through OpenStreetMap, anyone will be allowed to contribute to Open Data.


Aside from the main organizers, “Pista ng Mapa” is supported by the Kaart Group, Mapbox, HIVOS, Grab, Mapillary, and Uav4Geo. Special event partners are as follows: the MapAmore Initiative, Maptime Diliman, GeoLadies and JFDI.