As Foundation University holds its Annual Commencement Exercises tomorrow, there are certain significant customs observed as part of the graduation traditions.


Essential to every graduation rite is the processional of the graduating class led by the College Valedictorian who is bringing the UNIVERSITY MACE – “the emblem of authority and the testament of the institution’s commitment to education for nation-building.”


Perched on top of the pillar bearing the University’s seal is the Philippines’ national bird – the EAGLE which stands for the nation. The EAGLE itself is “admired for its size, grace, keenness of vision and power of flight.” Added to that, the EAGLE symbolizes “the goal of the University to make all understand that they will always stand by their motherland.”


The University Mace


Meanwhile, the PILLAR represents “STRENGTH in the University’s mission of providing a solid, moral and ethical standard in the intellectual preparation of its students who are expected to serve later as cornerstones for the nation’s future.”


Enclosed in the seal is the LAMP, the emblem for TRUTH, which symbolizes “the University’s responsibility and sacred duty to provide enlightened knowledge, wisdom and insight to the people in the community it serves.”


Moreover, the LIGHT ON THE LAMP represents POWER that is supplied to the very “engine that would free the individual from ignorance, illiteracy and poverty.”


Behind the Name – FOUNDATION


Dr. Vicente Guzman Sinco, the esteemed founder of Foundation University called for the establishment of an institution that would “make learning accessible to everyone and place education within reach to all.”


He possessed this belief that receiving good education is a basic human right and not a privilege only for those who are financially-capable. Dr. Sinco purposely founded the school to provide quality education at a minimal cost. It is an education that points focus on service to others and away from personal interests and gains.


Dr. Vicente G. Sinco

Furthermore, he established an institution that values “personal and community commitment for the good of the nation giving honor and glory to God before all other goals.”


“Dr. Sinco was motivated to start the school as a “FOUNDATION” – “to act as a solid base and FOUNDATION for a center of learning.”


The end goal of Foundation University’s educational system is to produce graduates whose work and life reflect the institution’s core values, mission and vision. And through these graduates, the University will always be respected for producing “a new breed of leader – men and women who can summon others to positive action, through their strength of character, excellent knowledge, superior training, courage in their conviction, and the possession of an unswerving sense of duty to country and fellowmen.”