A group of students from the College of Business Administration held a public launch of their organization last month during the 10th University Digital Expo at the main atrium of Robinsons Place Dumaguete.


ADUNA, which means “there are/there is” in Visayan dialect, was founded in March 2018 and was originally composed of 15 members most of which were business students after the 1st Social Business Socials (SBS) was held in Dumaguete and hosted at Foundation University. The name conveys the thought that “there are” still people who are willing to work for change.


The organization’s mission is “To create learning and volunteering opportunities for young individuals to experience and develop a love for the environment.”


Added to that, the group has identified these goals: to provide support system of local environmental groups; to promote environmental awareness through experiential learning; to create projects that help lessen environmental degradation and minimize the impact of human activities and to conduct researches in order to better the current business models and environmental policies.


Its current projects include: coastal clean-up, reef dome project, “Kapin Uno” Project tote bags, waste audit and brand assessment, trash to art project, information education and communication Campaign on proper waste segregation, production of radio plugs on environmental awareness, mangrove planting and the survey on proper waste segregation.


Marco G. Fernando, a senior business student, founded the organization now composed of 45 members from the business programs, engineering, education, biology and hospitality management.


Foundation University continues to provide opportunities for its students to learn beyond the four walls of the classroom and beyond the peripheries of the school. Through organizations, the students are opened to the realities of the society and there, begins their consciousness and desire to spark change and influence fellow young people to take part in nation-building.