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A graduate from the Foundation University College of Business Administration shared to students the importance of seeking genuine happiness to more than 200 student awardees at the University Recognition Day held February at the Sofia Soller Sinco Hall.


Jo-Dann N. Darong of Class 2007 Golden Minds, also serving as adjunct professor in the University, shared his experiences as an honor student but all the more, his realizations of going beyond an achiever in the aspect of academics.


Darong reminded the audience that although having good grades are awesome, one has to find time to appreciate simple and memorable matters. He also added that one has to learn not to worry much and not only think of oneself because there are people in the surround who would need the help of intellectual people.

During his speech, he shared some information included in his thesis as he currently pursues a postgraduate degree in philosophy as he referred to it as The Global Guide to be Happy.


From country to country, Darong elaborated on how various peoples are guided by cultural principles on ways to achieve happiness in life. According to Darong, Japan’s ikigai has four questions which could best tell if someone has truly achieved happiness and these are as follows: “What do you love? What are you good at? What does the world need? What can you get paid for?”


He also shared that it is very important to have a life of meaning and not just of happiness. He stressed on the essence of sharing and having connection with fellow students and in the community – one way to discover happiness.


“Whatever award you will receive today will become keys to happiness not only source for you but for your families,” Darong wished for the students at the end of his speech.


As a grateful alumnus, Darong expressed his thanks to his former mentors, to the whole Foundation University community and to the Sinco family for helping him in his quest for happiness.


Jo-Dann N. Darong was given the award last December 2017 by Foundation University as Most Promising Alumnus in recognition for his exemplary achievement as educator, government worker and consultant to various companies and institutions. He was the 2007 Most Outstanding Student of the Year and served as president of FU Student Government during his college years.


Currently, he works as Planning Officer III of the Insurance Commission under the Planning and Management Division of the Department of Finance.


Darong holds a Master of Arts degree in Economics from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines and is currently completing Ph.D in Development Studies at De La Salle University – Manila.