With the aim to provide a convenient and reliable offsite payment option for students and parents, Foundation University partnered with companies in order to serve the best interests of its clientele who would want to avail of alternate payment modes.


Foundation University has partnered with MLhuillier for the ML Bills Payment service and with the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI).


As with MLhuillier, payments can now be done through offsite branch nationwide and avail of their 24/7 service in select branches. FU is granted access to a real-time online report summarizing all payments received.


Meanwhile for BPI, tuition fees can also be paid trough online and mobile bank transfers, ATM fund transfer, overseas telegraphic transfers and over-the-counter deposits at any BPI Branch.


Foundation University, through its partnership with banks and money transfer companies, has ventured into alternate payment schemes in order to best serve its clientele – all for their comfort and convenience.