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From December 3 to 8, Foundation University will hold the annual Kasadyaan Festival – one of the longest running festivals in Negros Oriental, tracing its roots from the early 1950s as the then Foundation College began the Mardi Gra parade tradition of colorful lights and costumes passing through the main thoroughfares of Dumaguete City.


For a week, the University will hold events to uphold the lasting tradition of merrymaking through Kasadyaan – the summit of FU’s cultural life.


This year, the overall theme revolves on the legendary and mythical birds. The said theme symbolizes not only the high-spirited celebration of Kasadyaan but it also connotes University’s efforts, through its programs and plans, soaring high to the platinum year by next year.


Prior to the Kasadyaan’s opening, Hara sa FU 2019 Presentation was held November 28 at 3 in the afternoon at the Market Place in Calindagan. This was followed by “Panaghiusa” – the Grand Alumni Homecoming last December 1 at the Sofia Soller Sinco Hall.


The President’s Press Conference took place in the morning of December 3 and in the afternoon of the same day, will be opening of the Kasadyaan Village – featuring display booths designed by the colleges and units in the University.


Meanwhile, in the evening of Decemeber 5, equally charming candidates will vie for the Hara sa FU 2019 crown at the Sofia Soller Sinco Hall. The winner will serve as FU’s ambassador of goodwill. Over the years, the said pageant celebrates beauty and self-transformations.


On the other hand, the various colleges and units will portray the stories behind the legendary and mythical birds through colorful and moving productions during the Gabii sa Pasundayag on December 7, 7PM at the Sofia Soller Sinco Hall.


Kasadyaan Parada on December 8 will pass through the main streets of Dumaguete. The parade contingents will be dressed in colorful costumes and lighted props.


The annual Kasadyaan Festival was formally known as “mardi gras” initiated by Foundation University is one of Negros Oriental’s oldest and longest-running annual festivals. It began as a torch parade in costume with mardi gras as motif in 1949 by Foundation University’s founder Dr. Vicente G. Sinco.


Come and experience the summit of Foundation University’s cultural life through Kasadyaan Festival!