Since the beginning of Kasadyaan, tracing its roots from the festival called Mardi Gras which was started in 1949 at the then Foundation College, the campus pageant has always been part of the highlights. Hara sa FU, as it is now called went through not just by mere title changes but it has transformed into an advocacy-driven and culture-motivated campus pageant.


In 1949, the newly-established Foundation College (now Foundation University) held the first pageant in Dumaguete and Negros Oriental where contestants were chosen and elected for their admirable wit, beauty and superb talent. Carmen Valencia – Lagos was the first Ms. Foundation College crowned in December 18, 1949.


Hara sa FU celebrates the women of Foundation University as the pageant showcases beauty, talent, wit, personality and substance. The candidates then acquire a higher sense of responsibility and in most cases, excel in their chosen field of endeavors and carry on with their individual journey towards personality development.


Nikki Evelyn R. Ortega, 19    

Bachelor of Science in Criminology

College of Agriculture, College of Criminology and School of Industrial Engineering and Technology

Born and raised in Tanjay City, Negros Oriental to a father who is a police officer, Nikki has aspired to follow her father’s footsteps, as well. She sings and loves the arts but one interesting fact about her is that she was trained in mixed martial arts – an aspect that speaks of her fierce and courageous characteristic as a woman in this modern age.


Nikki wants to advocate for Mental Heath Awareness, which for her is quite relevant at this present time with the rising cases of suicide due to depression and anxiety especially among the youth. She wants the people to understand that this is a serious illness and not mere “pag-iinarte” which some may call it at times. She wants to raise awareness on the aspect of emotional and mental health.


Describing herself as imperfect, versatile and funny, Nikki represents the mythical bird, Anzu – naturally fierce and is being tagged as a demonic bird. For her, Anzu symbolizes women rising up to the odds and women empowerment, as a whole.



Agape A. Rubio, 21

Bachelor of Science in Architecture

Department of Architecture and Fine Arts


Soft-spoken as she is, Agape revealed one unique characteristic about her – she can get along with anyone. She loves Saturdays as she spends the rest of the day to rest from the stress of academic work during weekdays.


Due to his father’s work, Agape’s family was relocated years ago to Dumaguete City from Baler, Aurora and later decided to enrol at Foundation University.


For her, FU’s theme, “Time to Shine” signifies the struggles behind the success of Foundationites and celebrates the moments shared and the support earned from mentors, classmates, friends and loved ones. Agape takes pride of the Estudio Damgo – the first design-build program in the country which her department has been directly engaged with over the years since its inception. She shared that her love for designing structures and promoting green design and environment-friendly architecture was what she got from her classes here at FU.


Agape simply described herself as simple, practical and friendly and such characteristics go well with the mythical bird that she represents – the “Ibong Adarna.” She can relate herself with “Ibong Adarna” because of her desire to use her talents for the good of others.

Milen Jan M. Rodriguez, 18

Bachelor in Secondary Education major in English

College of Education


A local of Dumaguete City, Mylen is a self-confessed passionate and empathic person who considers the feeling and emotions of other people. In fact, she represents the mythical thunderbird which has the power to predict the weather. Mylen relates that like the thunderbird, she takes an effort to understand the feelings and emotions of others in order for her to deal with them rightly.


She chose “10 Million Trees in 10 Years” program in partnership with the Energy Development Corporation as her advocacy which is focused on the preservation and protection of the environment. She has been observing that floods have caused the destruction of lives and properties in the past years and so, the program is one of the means to address the said problem.


Mylen who pertains to herself as responsible, caring and understanding, chose to study at Foundation University in order to avail of its quality education. She shared that her mentors facilitate and help her to be molded into the best version of herself and later on, excel as a teacher and mentor to the youth of the present and future generations.

Edualyn Rose B. Rama, 19

Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management major in Tourism Management

College of Hospitality Management


Simple yet beautiful. This is how the swan – a mythical bird is described and coincidentally, the description also fits this young woman from Zamboangita, Negros Oriental. Edualyn brags not of any special talent but shared that she has the right attitude and willingness to learn new things in life.


Edualyn loves to hangout with her family on Sundays. In fact, what makes her unique as a woman is her brave heart, strength and character.


With a heart for the environment, she aims to advocate for the planting and growing of more trees, which according to her, is important especially for the Province of Negros Oriental for its constituents to breathe more fresh air today and in the coming years.


Reflecting on this year’s University theme, “Time to Shine” she sees the learning experiences at Foundation University as an opportunity to stand on your own feet, to learn from the past and to learn in accepting everything.

Cara Angela S. Obas, 20

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

College of Nursing


A student nurse, Cara holds the desire to help FU academic community in avoiding lifestyle diseases like diabetes through her self-crafted advocacy, “FU Fit and Fun.” She believes that proper diet, good sleep and exercise can actually lead to a healthier and longer life span.


Coming from Dapitan City, Cara decided to enroll at FU to avail of its quality education more specifically in the field of nursing. She looks at the type of education that could assist one to be fully ready to come out of the comfort zone and to stand, shine through one’s own capabilities and talents.


Simple, content and happy. Three words that best describes Cara’s personality. In fact, she gets happy with simple things and more so, she loves Fridays to be spent in relaxation.

Jameera D. Dematingcal, 21

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

College of Computer Studies


Determined, passionate, optimistic. Three words that best describe a homegrown young lady from the “City of Gentle People.” Jameena is self-sustaining as she provides monetary support for her studies. She is actually working in a business process outsourcing company here in the city.


At Foundation University, she loves the friendly community. Also, Jameena desires to advocate on computer literacy for the greater community more especially in the hinterland areas.


Surprisingly, she is one of the few who loves Mondays – the start of the week. Her optimistic view at life is evident through her happy and smiling persona.


Jessa G. Rebusa, 20

Bachelor of Business Administration major in Management Accounting

College of Business Administration


As a business student, Jessa shows overflowing enthusiasm in advocating for development for the community. Pointing at Social Business Entrepreneurship, she wants to share her knowledge, skills and capabilities to students and interested parties.


Jessa, a native of Amlan town, takes personal matters seriously. She even describes herself as weird, pretty and adorable. As with her choice of school, Jessa loves the ambiance, culture and the arts and the approach on education at Foundation University. “Time to Shine” for her would mean, time to always believe in oneself.


She proudly portrays the Sarimanok – a Philippine mythical bird from the southern part of the archipelago. Colorful as it is, the Sarimanok displays the uniqueness of Filipino culture – one attribute that Jessa would also want to possess.


Jelly Candia, 20

Bachelor of Arts major in Broadcasting

College of Arts and Sciences


A woman who can freely joke around and laugh. That is the very nature of Jelly who is also a local of Dumaguete. She loves the succeeding days: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday because these are her rest days from her work. She is one of the many students at Foundation University who are juggling her time and effort between work and school in order to support her financial needs.


Inspired by the ambiance of FU, she aims to advocate for the Banica River, for its rehabilitation and maintenance of cleanliness of the said body of water.


As a person, Jelly is likened to the phoenix – which she is also representing. She is fierce but carefree. Jelly tries her best to show the best that she can be in order to inspire other Foundationites to go beyond their comforts in developing the self.


Hara sa FU 2019, Portraying Mythical and Legendary Birds


This year, in consonance with the theme on mythical and legendary birds, Hara sa FU soars high with every Foundationite woman towards the celebration of the University’s platinum year. Hara sa FU continues to ascend with women empowerment, advocacy and community service-driven projects.


Join Foundation University community in the celebration of beauty and self-transformation through Hara sa FU 2019. Come and witness the Pageant Night on December 5 at 7PM at the Sofia Soller Sinco Hall.