The Office of Student Life launched the first edition of the Wednesday Workshops last August 1, with focus on Effective Communication Skills.


Wednesday Workshops is a series of learning sessions aimed at the enhancement of capabilities for the students of Foundation University. The upcoming sessions are as follows: The Power of Body Language on August 15, Dynamics of Interpersonal Communication on August 22 and Public Speaking on August 29.


The series of workshops this August are focused on the development of students’ communication skills along with the following goals: to develop the students’ ability in giving and receiving the meaning of the message being conveyed; to deepen the understanding on the basic principles of effective communication; to explain the factors surrounding miscommunication and misunderstanding; to help students the to understand the importance of body language and lastly, to demonstrate the skills in effective communication and message delivery.


Under the leadership of Ms. Darwiza Comedoy, the Office of Student Life has embarked on programs purposely crafted in order to develop students’ capabilities during their stay in the University.


The Office of Student Life is tasked to streamline programs and activities to improve Student Life and Career Placement for graduating students.