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Foundation University’s resident artist, Hersley Ven Casero stages a solo art exhibit at Space Encounters Gallery in Ortigas Center, Manila. The exhibit opening was held August 2 and runs until August 24.


Casero’s exhibit entitled “Impermanence” speaks of the captured beauty through organic and authentic condition, mixed with the human elements.


“Everything in this vast universe is only temporary, but despite every one of us being but fleeting stars, we are all connected; to the earth, to the elements and to each other; and that is what gives our lives gravity,” Casero stated in one of his artist notes for the exhibit.


Impermanence, according to Casero, was a blend between his former projects, Sanctuary and Maong (the Denim Project). As with this specific exhibit, he aims to point focus on the awareness of the fact that the only constant thing in this world is change.


Foundation University, through its artist residency program, upholds the importance of the role of arts and culture in order “to educate and develop individuals to become productive, creative, useful and responsible citizens of society.”