Series of activities on July 4 and 6 were held to formally jumpstart the Academic Year 2018-2019 and also to mark the 69th year of the institution’s existence.


At the Academic Opening last July, Board of Trustees member Dr. Juan Nereus Romeo “Neric” O. Acosta delivered an inspiring and encouraging message to the students, faculty and staff in attendance at the Sofia Soller Sinco Hall.


Acosta’s speech revolved around three points namely: self-respect, respect for others and responsibility regarding personal actions and decisions in life. And for him, it is the power of imagination that enables one to accomplish the said three important points earlier mentioned.


“Imagination is what gives you respect for yourself, respect for others and responsibility for all your decisions and actions,” said Acosta. He also added that imagination of the mind, heart and spirit will take a person to anywhere and everywhere one desires to be.


For several times inside his speech, he repeatedly uttered, “Kung kaya nating isipin, kaya nating gawin” to remind the students to pursue their imaginations, their dreams, their vision for a better tomorrow not just for their own benefit, for the whole nation.


Lastly, he pointed on the importance of optimism in every step of the way to their dreams. He told them to get away with doubts, sadness, fears, mediocrity and other hand, pursue the “good vibes,” goodness, greatness, positive thinking.


“It’s your goodness and your excellence that should shine through. You can never shine with a mediocre attitude and belief, Acosta uttered in relation to FU’s 69th year theme, “FU at 69: Time to Shine.”


As with this year’s theme “Time to Shine,” it calls the Foundation University academic community to contribute more to the development of the society through its corporate social responsibility projects like the marathon, the Estudio Damgo projects, the advocacy on the Banica River and the Rice is Life program.


This year, it is also high time to create more opportunities to ring the message of environmental sustainability and preservation as the institution ends its incumbency as the national awardee for the Most Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Campus given by the Environmental Management Board of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.


The theme, “Time to Shine” ushers in the whole FU community to the celebratory path as the University is about to mark its 7th decade of existence as a higher educa- tion institution.


Meanwhile, after the formal Academic Opening, the President’s Press Conference was held at the Lawak Kauswagan where members of the local trimedia delivered their queries to FU President Dean G. Sinco, BOT Member Neric Acosta, FPA Superintendent (former FU President) Dr. Mira D. Sinco and University Chancellor Faisal M. Alih.


Topics ranging from the current trends in education, to free tuition among state universities, the developments and the upcoming ventures of the University were discussed thoroughly by the administrators to the members of the local trimedia who were present at the said press conference.


Last July 6, Friday, “Dal-uy” – a festival hope was held at the Rizal Boulevard with thousands of lighted lanterns afloat along with the hopes, dreams, vision and aspiration not just of the FU academic community but also of the partners and stakeholders in the community.


Guests who attended the “Dal-uy” are as follows: Author of Republic Act 9003 or the Solid Waste Management Act, former Bukidnon Congressman and Former Secretary of Environment Neric O. Acosta, Representative to the Governor and Former NORSU President Dr. Henry A. Sojor, Director of the Department of Science and Technology Atty. Gilbert Arbon, representatives from the Negros Oriental Philippine National Police, and representatives from the Negros Oriental Provincial Tourism headed by Myla Abellana along with Rafael Duhaylungsod and Bebsy Lamis.


The series of events signaled the beginning of this year’s festivities which will drumbeat the upcoming platinum year of Foundation University as it holds fast to the mission of educating people, from all walks of life, in the spirit of veritas – the light of truth that guides every Foundationite to learn, engage and work for the development of the community and the nation, as a whole.