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In response to the need of an actual playground at Foundation Preparatory Academy, Estudio Damgo, now on its sixth edition, was launched last March 16 at the North Campus.

The design and construction of Estudio Damgo VI (ED VI) – Outdoor Playground for Grade School Children will be done by senior architecture students from the Department of Architecture and Fine Arts of Foundation University.

With a convenient location, the playground is about to be situated at the center of the school campus and directly accessible from the corridors. At present, it is used as a small park with grass, shrubs and palm trees with a total land area of 200 square meters (2,200 sq. feet).

ED VI is primarily to address the problem of teachers and parents on keeping track of kids and in ensuring their safety while staying inside the campus. The existence of a playground will drive away the children from playing in corridors, stairways, and other places in the campus. Added to that, there is still a need for kids to play in a real playground where they can interact and build friendships.

Also, the project is aimed at responding to the challenges of today’s parents and educators in encouraging person to person interactions among this current generation of youngsters. In fact, the current trend has posed a problem on kids regarding their poor social skills due to overuse of gadgets which in turn, make the children more timid and shy.

Moreover, the first batch to render financial supporting to the said project are namely: FPA Grade School Parents – Teachers’ Association, FU Alumni Association Inc., and Standard Insurance.

In retrospect, the Estudio Damgo program of the Department of Architecture and Fine Arts is the first student-led design+build program in the Philippines is geared to create well-designed structures which are of great benefit to the community.