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In time for the University Commencement Exercises set on March 17, Foundation University announces the use of “sablay” in place of the traditional academic hat and toga, which are of Western origin.

The decision has been made in order to align with the ideals of its founder, nationalistic academician and visionary – Dr. Vicente G. Sinco.

Sablay” pertains to an indigenous loose garment worn during formal occasions.

Due to Foundation University’s environmental advocacy, the institution’s personalized version bears the letters symbolizing the four elements namely: earth, wind, fire and water in “alibata” – the ancient Filipino alphabet.

Gray, the University’s official color, dominates the “sablays” with a designated color on the piping for each discipline.

FU “sablay” comes as an emblem of the University’s pursuits in preserving and promoting the Filipino culture through its academic and co-curricular programs.

The “sablay,” will serve as a constant reminder to the graduates not only to put on the knowledge but also to bear the important values earned inside the hallowed pillars of Foundation University.