Foundation Preparatory Academy (FPA) has initiated an awareness campaign on teenage pregnancy and pre-marital sex among students from the high school department with the use of rag dolls – to be carried by students for the whole month of February.


As part of the Technology and Livelihood Education subject, students are made to create rag dolls out of a pattern and they are to use rice as fillers instead of foam or cotton with the purpose of adding the weight close to that of an infant.


Also, the said campaign will instill, at an early stage, the value of responsibility among young people as they gear towards adulthood. Students are to take care of the rag dolls and if possible, carry it most of the time.


According to Felipe Sullera, Jr., Senior High School Head Teacher,“FPA will continue to practice this initiative not only for the benefit of its students but for the community…”


Sullera also added that in the past 10 years since it was implemented, the practice has reduced (if not eliminate) the instances of teen pregnancies and pre-marital sex among high school students at Foundation Preparatory Academy.


In retrospect, Dr. Mira D. Sinco, the current superintendent of Foundation Preparatory Academy, began the said awareness program during her term as University President.