Every year, Hara sa FU is held not just to showcase beauty, talent and wit of Foundationite women who were chosen by their colleges and afterwards, went through a rigid screening process.

Hara sa FU then becomes a cocoon for Foundationite women. After the pageant, they acquire a higher sense of responsibility and in most cases, they excel in their chosen field of endeavors and carry on with their individual journey towards personality development.

Let’s get to know the eight equally-beautiful and deserving candidates vying for the crown, Hara sa FU 2018.

Flora Mae Gabas, 23
College of Hospitality Management

Her nature is to blend in with different circles. Flora Mae said her flexibility in interacting with different types of personalities is an edge as a tourism student. This quite shy woman from Tugawe, Dauin, plans to pursue a career in the tourism industry or work as a flight attendant after graduation.

In joining Hara sa FU, she aims at making a difference through an advocacy on environmental conservation. According to Flora Mae, tourism in the Philippines mostly rely on the natural resources and scenery so it is also fitting that tourism students, like her, must take part in advocating for the environment.

With her loving and cheerful persona, she imbibes on the knowledge journey at Foundation University through the encouragement of her siblings – with whom she grew up.

Her attributes tell of her gentle heart but she also confessed that she is naturally “palaban” – the secret behind her survival coupled with her positive outlook towards life.



Jeongin Choi (“Lucy”), 19
College of Arts and Sciences – Department of Architecture and Fine Arts

Brought to the Philippines due to her mother’s retirement, Lucy, as she is fondly called by peers and classmates, hails from Ansan, South Korea. Currently, she is pursuing Bachelor of Arts major in English but plans to take up Medicine after completing her undergraduate degree.

A major turning point in her life happened while she was assisting doctors from Korea in a medical mission held in Bohol. She realized that if she becomes a medical practitioner, she could give more help not only in the Philippines but also to other poverty-stricken countries.

Though at times homesickness strikes, she points at Foundation University’s welcoming environment that has made her to adjust and enjoy the daily experiences in school. And as with her joining the Hara sa FU Pageant, Lucy looks at the crown as an opportunity to serve and to do advocacy work.

Caring and adoptable, as Lucy describes herself, but one thing that is unique with her is how she treats her friendship and on how easily she forgives and apologizes to people.



Fatima Mahilum, 19
College of Computer Studies

It takes an empowered woman to coexist and thrive in a male-dominated course like Information Technology (IT).
Raised in Mati, Davao Oriental, Fatima is on her third year as an IT major and her prime goal in joining Hara sa FU is to give pride to the College of Computer Studies.

Though far from her parents, as she presently resides with her mother’s sister in Siaton (southern part of Negros Oriental), she is comforted with the fact that it is a privilege to study at Foundation University – where IT education is of high standard.

Aside from caring for the environment, part of Fatima’s personal advocacies is to hold computer literacy programs in hinterland communities within the province.

Fatima is one person who treasures friendships and gives her best for these to last a lifetime.



Jan Shaira E. Malicay, 21
College of Business Administration

An aspiring accountant who also bears the passion for marine life preservation and conservation.
Born and raised in Siaton town (southern part of Negros Oriental), Jan Shaira was convinced to join Hara sa FU with the encouragement of fellow student accountants.

She confessed that her motivation comes from her parents who taught her to appreciate the simple things in life, to always have faith in God and to think positive. Her goal aside from becoming a certified public accountant is to provide a peaceful and stable home for her parents.

Jan Shaira shared that studying at FU brings so much experience and enables one to see the possibilities even in obstacles. And when she called to participate in any activity or work, she always gives her best.

For an open-minded, witty and optimistic woman like Jan Shaira, the one who should wear the Hara sa FU crown must be humble and approachable.



Rozan Chaya B. Marquez, 17
Foundation Preparatory Academy

Young but independent. These are two words that could best describe this Grade 11 student who hails from Bayawan City (southern part of Negros Oriental). Rozan Chaya joined Hara sa FU with the aim to be an inspiration to other young people and to prove that age is not a hindrance in becoming influential and in doing small actions in building a better and safer society.

Owing to her father how see saw the societal problems in the surround, she chose to join Hara sa FU this year in order to help the community. But aside from that, she also wants to advocate on the development of youth leaders. “Being the hope of our land and it is my advocacy to educate youth on how our society is turning into a semi-colonial and semi-feudal society and with this, I hope that I will motivate them to help and serve the people,” Rozan elaborated during an interview.

Raised in both Ilocano and Visayang cultures, she was taught to be independent at the point of making her own decisions but at the same time, she has strengthened her family values in making her family the first priority, above all.

Rozan Chaya wants to be an expert in two different fields namely: Geodetic Engineering and Journalism. And when asked about journalism, she believes that giving true and exact information is one way of serving the people.



April Rey Ann S. Quiliope, 19
College of Education

To develop self-confidence is the major reason of her joining the Hara sa FU this year. April is a senior student taking up Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education major in Math and in this last year at Foundation University, she want to do something relevant and helpful to the institution and to the community.

What seems to be more interesting about this woman from the town of Santa Catalina (southern part of Negros Oriental) is the reason behind why she took up BSED – Math. Years back, she joined a Math Challenge and ended up getting zero. This urged her to pursue the course and to transform her weakness into a strength.

Raised by her parents to become independent, April envisions herself as a school mentor with a happy family. Despite being contented with a simple life, she wants to give back to her parents for their sacrifices. She wants to be a mentor who is a model, a molder and someone who influences people in a good manner.

In promoting FU to the community, April wanted to show her success in her chosen field of endeavor as she sets herself as an example of a quality product from the University. “What makes FU different, teachers really care about their students,” added April.

April loves to throw jokes and make people happy.


Jerlyn S. Reyes, 19
College of Nursing

As a respectful and obedient daughter, she took up nursing to fulfill her mother’s dream. Later on, Jerlyn, who is in her junior as student nurse, realized how amazing life is through the nursing profession. She feels honored to be a future professional nurse who is given the rare chance of witnessing life’s beginning and end through the contrast of a new born baby and a dying man.

Being raised in Valencia, Negros Oriental – nestled in natural wonders like that of rivers, hot springs, forests and waterfalls, Jerlyn chose to advocate for the Banica River, a very essential water source for the community.

She also described Hara sa FU as the face of the institution, someone who can represent the school at the same time, influence the youth in a good manner and perform responsibilities for the community at the best of her ability.

Funny, joyful and kind Jerlyn plans to work abroad while pursuing graduate and postgraduate degrees in the field of nursing after her graduation.




Ria S. Ybañez, 18
College of Agriculture, Criminology and Engineering

In joining this year’s Hara sa FU, this future police woman raised in Valencia town, bears with her a stand to prove wrong the negative perceptions inflicted criminology students. As a future public servant, Ria envisions herself as friendly to the community but tough when resolving crimes.

When it comes to her personal advocacies, she wants to pursue a program that encourages students to prioritize their studies which will also involve the important role of teachers through motivational talks. Personally, Ria is motivated to excel in school where she learned to be obedient and intuitive more so during classes.

At Foundation University, this tough, friendly and goal-driven woman is often seen spreading positivity through her smile.
She takes pride at the University’s efforts in producing good quality graduates, giving of scholarships to financially-challenged individuals and with its efforts towards the preservation and protection of the environment.

In the future, Ria wants to become a God-fearing lawyer. She aspires to become a public servant, in the police force, who possesses a heart for the environment.



Join Foundation University community in celebrating beauty and self-transformation through Hara sa FU 2018. Come and witness the Pageant Night on December 6 at 7PM at the Sofia Soller Sinco Hall.