Hersley Ven Casero, an alumnus and currently one of Foundation University’s resident artist, staged his second solo art show entitled, “Maong” at the Art Cube Philippines Gallery in Makati City. Exhibit runs from November 18 to December 4.

Casero’s work utilized denim as the main material of the artwork. This current project carries deep messages of caring for the environment and as well as the effects of foreign cultural influence as symbolized by denim.


Art, for Casero. is a medium one can utilize to effectively convey an important message. Just recently, he completed the mural entitled “Ha? The Lauging Boy Project” which was aimed at raising public awareness on the arts with the purpose of promoting positive vibes in the Dumaguete Community.


Casero was appointed as Resident Artist In 2015 after his stint as a photographer with the Creative Department since 2006.


For years, he was involved in group art exhibitions at some local and regional galleries. Last year, he held his own solo art exhibition entitled “Sanctuary” at the Art Verite Gallery in Taguig, Metro Manila.