The design-build program of Foundation University and the University of Washington was afforded a distinction by the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA) as one of the 2016-2017 Architectural Education Award Winners.


Philippines Bamboo Workshop, a four-week design build program of Foundation University and the University of Washington’s architecture departments, focused not only on bamboo’s potential as a sustainable material for construction but also a “cultural signifier and economic catalyst” for so-called developing countries.


The program introduced students to the concept of cultural sustainability. As the end goal of the said program, the month-long activity culminated with the design and construction of the Valencia Food Trip Market Stall for food vendors serving patrons located at the center of Valencia town, approximately 8 kilometers away from Dumaguete City. The market structure provided Valencia food vendors a distinctly local identity.

Philippine Bamboo Workshop is one the University’s collaborative programs with the University of Washington that promotes public-private initiative in boosting food tourism in the region.


Aside from the main goal of completing the structure, the project was aimed at promoting social interaction, cooperation, and knowledge transfer between architecture students from the University of Washington in the United States and architecture students from Foundation University, as well as bamboo artisans and architects from the region. In that manner, the design-build students became active participants in a collaborative exchange with the community of Negros Oriental.


ACSA recognizes architectural educators annually for exemplary work in building design, community collaborations, scholarship, and service. The award is meant to inspire and challenge students to share their craft in meaningful service to the community.