A delegation composed of ten students and two faculty members from the University of Washington toured the campus and visited the Estudio Damgo project sites last August 7.

The students are enrolled in the program called “Made in the U.S.A.,” one of the specific programs offered under the Study Abroad Program of the Comparative History of Ideas unit of the said university.

Since the delegation of students are of Filipino descent, their purpose of visit to the different parts of the Philippines is to have a full grasp of the basic concept of the Filipino culture and to reconnect with their ancestors’ roots.

They also desire to assess how the American Occupation has influenced the culture and history of the Philippines.

Their visit to FU was mainly to see how a specific discipline translates its students’ output to serve a greater purpose for the community.

“FU’s (Estudio Damgo) project is a different level of activism,” according to Third Andresen, Director of the Philippine Study Abroad Program and the head of delegation.

The group was able to visit two sites of FU’s Estudio Damgo, the first design and build project in the Philippines, at the Rizal Boulevard – the Tourist Information and Assistance Center and the People’s Comfort Lounge (currently under construction).

The University of Washington officials expressed positively that there is a big possibility to forge formal partnerships in the near future through immersion programs to be hosted by Foundation University involving its students, faculty and staff.

Within the five weeks of stay in the country, the group will be engaged with the community, through school visits, and random informal talks with local folks in Bataan, Banawe, Kiangan, Baguio, La Union, Manila, Boracay, Cebu and Dumaguete.