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Three alumni were recognized for the remarkable achievements they have acquired in their respective fields last July 8 during the Panaghiusa 2017, still in line with the celebration of University’s 68th founding anniversary.

Capt. Jorge Ibarra and Engr. Ray Anthony Quisel were recognized as Most Outstanding Alumni in the field of Government Service and Industrial Engineering, respectively. Meanwhile, Mr. Jo-Dann Darong was given the Most Promising Alumni Award.

Capt. Jorge Ibarra, Government Service

Ibarra, currently serving the Philippine Navy, was recognized for his achievement in military excellence apart from his strong desire to serve others. His expertise includes Education and Training Plans, Joint Warfare, Defense and Military, Peace and Stability, Intelligence Gathering, Maritime Threats and Terrorism.

He completed his degree in Accountancy from Foundation University in 1989 and was a working student assigned to the Carpentry Shop, then as Custodian of the Elementary Department and later, a Night Duty Security Guard throughout his college life. After graduation, Ibarra joined the Philippine Navy and later became a trusted lecturer on terrorism and intelligence gathering methods against radical and extremist groups. He has been a delegate to numerous defense and working group meetings and earned courses on joint warfare, general staff and officers application held in various countries.

Throughout his service, he has earned 10 Military Merit Medals for courage, valor and service, 9 Military Commendations Medals and 32 Commendations for Meritorious accomplishments from unit assignments.

Engr. Ray Anthony Quisel, Industrial Engineering

Quisel’s achievement in the field of industrial engineering was made as the strong basis for his being recognized as an outstanding alumnus. His work expertise includes Product Development, Electrical Distribution Systems, Global Product Development System, Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, System Engineering, Program Management, and Wiring Harness Design and Development.

A graduate of Industrial Engineering at Foundation University in 1999, Quisel was consistently a Deans Honor Awardee and was declared Outstanding Student of the year in 1996.

He led the wiring development of the 16 engine of the Ford Falcon upgrade to accommodate LPG Fuel which won Car of the Year in 2011 while serving as EDS Engineer under the product Development – Electrical Distribution Systems.

Later, Quisel took the position as Senior Launch Engineer in Thailand under the Ford Ranger and Everest Team. Currently, he is an AP Electrical Distribution Systems Senior Engineer as Program Module System Lead for the Ford Ranger Model of Year 2019 for the U.S. and Canada markets.

Jo-Dann Darong, Promising Alumni Award

As a young achiever, Darong displayed tremendous potential in his profession currently being a Senior Planning Officer at the Department of Finance Insurance Commission.

Formerly, he worked with the national office of the Department of Education and the Development Academy of the Philippines.

Darong graduated from FU with an Economics degree in 2007 and has shown extraordinary entrepreneurial spirit in the development of his career. He embodies a scholarly approach to trainings and organizational developments as consultant and trainer.

Recently, he qualified for academic scholarship for Post Graduate Diploma in Organizational Development at de la Salle – College of St. Benilde aside from his Doctorate Degree in Developmental Studies at La Salle University.

He is currently President and CEO of his very own company, AlphaMind Consulting

Partners Inc., while working as Manager of the Executive Masters in Business Administration at the University of Makati School of Continuing Professional Education.

The Foundationite Mark of Excellence in Service

The three awardees showed the extraordinary zeal and vigor in the practice of their individual profession and field of expertise thus they come to show that the true mark of a true Foundationite is reflected not only their line of work but also in their personal life , in the extent of relevance in serving other people.