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Foundation University will recognize two outstanding college students during its annual commencement rites tomorrow, March 18 at the FU Green.

Kristine D. Alos, Bachelor of Science in Accountancy and Lynn Ruth F. Cabuyoc, Bachelor of Science in Education major in General Sciences, garnered the title Valedictorian and Salutatorian of Class 2017, respectively.

Alos and Cabuyoc have their individual stories to tell about their life experience while at Foundation University. Both were being transformed into better individuals after going through years of learning the Foundationite way.

After graduating Valedictorian at Foundation University’s High School Department in 2013, Alos chose to enroll still at the institution for college education due to the scholarship opportunities that truly helped her especially in the financial aspect.

Pointing out her source of inspiration in pursuing her life goals, she takes pride of her housewife mother, Nicanora (part time bookkeeper) and her father Nicanor, who is employed at the city government as a utility worker.

Alos then elaborated that more than the scholarship, she considered Foundation University still for college studies because of its accessibility and the proximity of the school’s location to their residence in Cadauinonan, which is one ride away.

Aside from making her parents as inspiration, Alos also wants to advance their family’s finances so that she could send her sibling with special needs to a good school with a custom-fit education for people with special needs.

According to Alos, Foundation University’s education guided her to improve her public speaking skills through its community extension programs. She also mentioned that internship experience helped push her to become independent and responsible.

With so much gratitude to Foundation University, Alos promised to bring with her the core values of integrity, service, commitment and most of all, excellence to her future workplace.

When asked on how she survived the demands of maintaining her honor scholarships, Alos shared that she needed to sacrifice and allot more time to study rather than surfing the net, going on Facebook, and even sleep.

“Don’t give up. Strive harder. Through hard work, you can achieve your goals,” said Alos as an inspirational message to those who despite challenges, are still fighting hard to achieve their dreams.

On the other hand, this year’s Salutatorian, Lynn Ruth F. Cabuyoc also has her share of transformation during her four years of stay at Foundation University as an aspiring student teacher.

As mentors would describe her, Cabuyoc went through gradual transformation. She can be likened to a caterpillar enclosed in a cocoon and emerged as a butterfly through metamorphosis.

From the intelligent yet very shy type persona, Cabuyoc has been transformed totally in the process. For her, transformation was possible due to her supportive mentors who looked into her being and gave her advises on what aspects to improve as a student teacher. For Cabuyoc, Foundation University’s technological advancements applied to its education system is worth bragging for.

As a future science educator, she points to her experience of chasing frogs for dissecting as part of her Zoology Class as an unforgettable one. In the future years, she looks forward to innovations when it comes to materials used in teaching science like used bottles as laboratory apparatus and the use of nature for discovery learning.

Cabuyoc also graduated Valedictorian from Santander National High School in Cebu Province. She confessed that it was the scholarship from Foundation University that truly attracted her to live away from home and study in Dumaguete.

Behind her success is the pillar of her dreams: her parents, Rosalinda, a housewife and Lito who works as an air-conditioning unit technician in Guam. She also wants to dedicate the award to her late grandmother Luciana, who always encouraged her to finish college.

“Life is a race. Stop a little bit but keep on going,” Cabuyoc shares to fellow dreamers who aspire to succeed in their life goals.

Foundation University takes pride in recognizing annually the students who exercised excellence in their academic endeavors and thus reaching the highest grade point average of the graduating class.